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Here at Relax Therapeutic Massage in Birmingham AL, we believe massage should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. If you are not receiving regular massage, you are missing out! The stresses of everyday life takes its toll on our bodies. Massage restores and rejuvenates, while soothing pained muscles. At Relax, our goal is to enrich your life through massage. Whether you have back pain, headaches, or just love a good massage our therapists can help. Come see us!

Why Get A Massage?

The benefits of massage are immeasurable. Research has proven massage to be a powerful healing tool. Physicians and other healthcare providers are increasingly recommending massage therapy to their patients as a supplement to traditional healthcare. Here is a list of some of the wonderful things massage can do for you:

  • improved sleep
  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • reduced swelling, or edema
  • better functioning immune system
  • reduced blood pressure
  • improved athletic performance
  • increased flexibility
  • faster muscle recovery after workout
  • reduced chronic pain
  • faster recovery, pre or post surgery
  • relieves stress

Lisa Russell | Owner | LMT #309

Graduated from Alabama School of Massage in 1996

Deanna Hogan | LMT #1144

Graduated from Red Mountain Institute in 2001

Chrystal Smith | LMT #1821

Graduated from Core Institute of Massage Therapy in 1996

Cortney Yaser | LMT #3325

Graduated Birmingham School of Massage in 2011

What We Offer

Sweedish Massage


Modality of massage using lighter pressure, and flowing gentle strokes. This form of massage main focus is relaxation and circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage


This form of massage uses greater pressure to work out areas of tension in the body. Deep tissue massage addresses chronic pain, caused by repetitive movements, past injuries, or misalignment's.

Neuromuscular Massage


A type of massage that focuses on releasing trigger points in the muscle to relieve pain.

Hot Stone Massage


Uses heated stones to warm and relax muscles. The heat increases circulation, dissolving tension, allowing the therapist to work the deeper layers of muscle.

Pre-Natal Massage


For moms-to-be! This type of massage has the same goals as Swedish, or deep tissue massage, but is tailored to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy.

Sports Massage


Type of massage focused on improving mobility, or enhancing athletic performance through stretching.

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